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Forgeries Articles

Odd Spot

New Zealand shopkeepers are being fleeced by fake $100 notes featuring a sheep wearing a tiara in the place where Queen Elizabeth's portrait should be. Police said the notes were crude forgeries but some merchants in Rodney, near Auckland, were taken in.

Army All At Sea Over Logbooks

THE Australian Defence Force has issued its third version in almost three days of events surrounding whistleblower Ian Nancarrow, who exposed possible forgeries taking place inside army aviation.

Himmler Murder Documents Faked

DOCUMENTS from Britain's National Archives used to substantiate claims that spies murdered SS leader Heinrich Himmler in 1945 have been revealed as forgeries. The allegation that the SS leader was murdered by British agents, with the knowledge of Sir Winston Churchill and war cabinet ministers, appeared in a new book, Himmler' more

Some Artworks Are Just Not As Good As They're Painted

Question: what's the difference between a Tom Keating and a Rembrandt, or a Han Van Meegeren and a Vermeer? Answer: the difference between great art and great forgeries. While imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, Van Meegeren and Keating were jailed for art fraud.

Cheeky Pro Hart Puts Dna Signature On His Paintings

Australian artist Pro Hart is leaving his mark on his artwork ... literally. The prolific painter and sometime carpet decorator is adding a special ingredient to his works to make forgeries nigh impossible - his cheek cells.